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About us

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Pearl River Investment Management Group
is a company focused on asset investment management.

Guangdong Pearl River Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest private enterprise groups engaged in large-scale energy and infrastructure investment in China. The company headquarters is located in Guangzhou, in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei and other areas with a number of subsidiaries. Over the years, with the advanced management concept and talent mechanism, in large energy and infrastructure project investment has made great achievements. Up to now, the company has a total asset of nearly 59 billion yuan and a credit rating of AA+. It has established good cooperative relations with nearly 40 large financial institutions in China, with an overall credit line of over 52 billion yuan and a wholesale debt line of nearly 5 billion yuan.

Clear investment philosophy is the guarantee of success

At the beginning of its establishment, the company has established the investment mode of the integration of coal road, with coal resources guarantee power plant operation as the main investment direction, after years of development, has formed a integrated industrial chain of coal, electricity, road, the investment is now a large project involving thermal power, coal mining, highways, railways and ports, as well as large data centers, new infrastructure, cold chain base and so on.

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